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Fairy kei girl~

Fairy kei girl~

peanutbuttersmiles said: Are You Going To ComicCon This Year? If You Are Were About ;33 ? <3

Yes I am!!

see you there? //Love Minty

blackenednightingale said: Ugh, I hate how everyone is being mean to you. Can I make a suggestion? Post less of the hate. Tumblr seems to have this mindset where they jump on the bandwagon: if there's more hate, they send hate. If there's more public love, they send love. <3

I totally understand what you mean, for a while I jus deleted that kind of messages, but I keep thinking about them then and my chance to say anthing is gone. But when I awnswer I get to say what I think and then its gone, out of my system and I dont think about it more. Also I get loads of really nice supporting messages! If I delete it they win and Im alone to deal with it.

Ignore it and it will go away just does not work for me.

//Love Minty

alishatheotaku said: I just want to say: I am so sorry that you're getting so much abuse and hate all of a sudden. You have done nothing at all to deserve it, and I'm sure most of it stems from jealousy, anyway. People that are so bitter that they have to resort to sending hate are toxic. It will pass in time, I hope. But in the meantime, don't forget to flaunt just how fabulous you are at every opportunity, don't let the anon hate get to you at all. I love this blog and I adore your fashion sense, stay strong<3

Thank you so much sweetie!
Most of the time stuff like that does not bother me at all, but Im super stressed over NärCon and everything right now. I got really sad but then I got totally spamed with love! ;___; thank you again!

//Love Minty

Thank you<3

All the lovely messages you guys send me is what helps me deal with the anon hate. Thank you my lovely followers, dont know what I would do without your kind words. ;_____;

Anonymous said: i take it back i see why ppl dont like you now

I cant help if people dont like me. I guess being disliked comes with living with aspergers. I try my best to be nice to everyone, I dont know what more to do.

This is just… Though I had gotten past being bullied after I finished school.

Anonymous said: ITS ADORABLE* NOT ADOReABLE! Get it right! If you dont know how to spell it, dont use it!

English is not my first language.. And if I dont know how to spell something then I wouldent know that Im spelling it wrong >___

Anonymous said: I would reblog your photos cause i love some of your outfits, but your face is just no, ew. A fat man.

This is not constructive at all. Im at a very healthy weight right now, can people please stop with the fat comments.


Cult party selfie~

Cult party selfie~

Anonymous said: you're so cute *----*

Thank you ~

still-not-a-hipster said: Hi *waves* you're kawaii. And just want to say I hope you're happy. And if you're not then you deserve to be. ^^

Thank you sweetie! I try my best to be happy, but no promises! //Love Minty~

Been crafting rings all day to sell at närcon~

Been crafting rings all day to sell at närcon~

Fabulous Mint gives 0 fucks about anon-chans hate.

Fabulous Mint gives 0 fucks about anon-chans hate.

Omg its too soon. &gt;____

Omg its too soon. >____

revoltinglittlegirl said: On the blue outfit you just posted where did you get the top from? ^_^

Wich one? The white top with the text is from H&M and the blue top in the fairy kei coord is from Angelic Pretty~

//Love Minty~